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Public transport


How to travel around the city
By taxi
There are several private carriers in the city. The easiest way is to call a taxi by phone. You can find a taxi in crowded places, in the central squares, near the train stations.

Calling a taxi +7 (831)

Lucky 215-55-55

Friends 277-70-00

Dubrovka 433-30-00

Mustang 248-84-88

Nizhegorodets 421-61-16

Saturn 246-00-00

Public transport
Throughout the city you can travel by bus, trolley or tram.

Public transport operates from 6.00 to 22.00. At night, you can only travel around the city by taxi. Regular buses stop at each stop along the route. Minibus taxis are available upon request.

To explore the city center, it is better to use the tram or walk a little. Tram number 2 is a city ring. This route crosses the central pedestrian street Bolshaya Pokrovskaya and is within walking distance of most of the city's attractions.

Tickets are purchased directly in the transport either from the conductor or from the driver. The ticket price does not depend on the duration of the trip. The ticket is valid for one trip. For each type of transport - your ticket.

In the historical part of the city there is a tram line No. 11. This tram works both as a public transport and as an excursion tram "First tram of Russia". You can order the excursion by phone: +7 (831) 433-55-35, 430-28-15, 8 (952) 762-55-77.

Special buses run for the disabled in the city. Buses run on a regular basis, and under the order. New buses are equipped with navigation system "GLONASS", electronic displays and autoinformers. Near the doors there is a ramp and a driver call button. The salon is equipped with special handrails and seat belts for disabled wheelchair users. Thanks to a special tilt system, passengers can be landed and disembarked at any stop level.

Buses run along routes No 45 "ZKPD-4 - micro district Upper Pechery", 3 "Krasnoe Sormovo - Freedom Square" and No. 51 "ZKPD-4 - microdistrict Kuznechikha-2".

By car
Parking in the city center is almost everywhere banned. An improperly parked car, especially on central streets, can be evacuated to a parking lot. In the center of the city there are many streets with one-way traffic. At rush hour (from 8 to 10 hours and from 17 to 19 hours), traffic can be difficult, as well as on bridges across the Oka.

Currently, the Nizhny Novgorod metro has 2 lines (Avtozavodskaya and Sormovskaya) and includes 14 stations. All stations, except for the station "Gorkovskaya", are located in the river part of the city. Gorkovskaya is the terminal station of the Avtozavodskaya line, the first in the historic part of the city. It is located on Gorky Street, next to Gorky Square.

The metro starts at 6 o'clock and closes around midnight. Intervals between trains 7-10 min. At the ticket offices of the subway it is necessary to purchase a token for one trip. There are no tickets for several trips. There is a transport card (analogue of a ticket) for a month.

For transportation by public transport there is a transport card (analogue of a travel ticket). It can be bought separately for the type of transport of interest (bus, tram, trolley, tram and trolleybus, metro), and all types of public transport. The transport card is purchased for a month either by the conductor or at special points of sale.

There is also a single social travel ticket. It entitles to preferential travel for all types of urban passenger transport (buses, trams, trolleybuses, subways), except taxis, shuttles. Its effect extends to intra-district suburban motor transport, with the exception of fixed-route taxis. It is nominal, is not transferable to other persons and is valid upon presentation of a certificate of eligibility for federal or pension benefits.

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